DIY Kanzashi Ribbon Flower

April 4, 2014

I simply adore Kanzashi flowers.  They are just beautiful.  Here is how to make this gorgeous Kanzashi bloom.  Then use the flower to craft beautiful hair clip or headband, corsage, brooch, etc..



  • satin ribbon
  • bead
  • thread and needle
  • scissors
  • fabric glue / hot glue

Cut rectangular pieces of ribbon.

For each piece, fold the left and right side in as shown.

Flip it over. This will be the "big" petal. I use the term "big" becasue we will make the "small" petals later on.

Use another color to make the small petals.

Fold in the left and right side as shown.

Then fold in half.

Then half again to create this small petal.

Insert the small petal inside the big petal.

Sew the bottom of the petal.

Repeat and make 20 of these petals.

Cut round felt.

Assemble the petals around the felt.  Use glue to apply the petals to the felt.

Create the outer layer.

Cut a smaller round felt. Then assemble the rest of the petals around it.

Layer the 2 flowers.

Add a bead to the center to embellish.

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