DIY Pop Up Flower Mother's Day Card

May 3, 2014

Beautiful pop up flowers Mother's Day card. Customize your card for Mom. This tutorial guides you through the steps to make this awesome card. 



  • craft paper
  • scissors
  • glue


This handmade pop up card is also great for bithdays, party invitations, or any occassions.

Cut flowers, stems, and leaves.

Assemble your flowers.

To make a container, cut these 3 pieces. Make 1 line at one end and 2 lines at the opposite end.

For the long pieces, fold along the markings.

For the short piece, fold in the top and botton side.

Join the 2 long pieces to have both ends meet.  Notice the conjoined parts are facing the inside of the container.

For the small piece, tape it in the center of the container.

Open up the corners to form a rectangular container.

Tape the flowers to the sides of the container.

Prepare your card.

Glue the center piece inside the container in the center of the card.

Try opening and closing the card to have the container of flowers pop up and pop in.

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