DIY Recycled Plastic Bowl Easter Basket

March 25, 2014

Be crafty and recycle and reuse items around the house.  Here is an idea for a recycled DIY. Transform a plastic bowl into an Easter basket. You can recycle any plastic bowl, such as a takeout noodle bowl, or an instant ramen bowl. Then use craft paper to cover the bowl to make this lovely Easter basket. 



  • plastic bowl
  • tissue paper
  • wire
  • scissors
  • glue

Recycle any plastic bowl to make this basket, such as a takeout noodle bowl, or instant ramen bowl.

Cut your tissue paper like this.

Apply glue on the rim of the bowl and cover it with the tissue paper.

Cut circles of paper.

Wrinkle up the circles.

Fold the circles into quarters.

Then cut like this.

Cover the top part of the bowl.

Use another color and cut a very large circle, big enough to cover the bottom half of the bowl.

Fold the large circle into quarters and cut like this.

Open up the circle and cover the bottom half of the bowl.

Cut a long piece of wire for the handle. Poke a hole on each side of the bowl to hook up the handle.  Then cover the wire with green tape.  You can add leaves and a paper flower to the handle for the finishing touch.

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