DIY Woven Easter Basket Tutorial

March 21, 2014

These weaved paper baskets are darling!  Make them for your Easter themed party.  Fill them up with goodies and give them out as favors.



  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue

Use 1 sheet of craft paper.  Cut in half.

Fold each paper in half.  Then, use a pen and a ruler to draw out the lines to help you cut.

Cut along the "horizontal" lines and stop at the "vertical" line.

Round out the other end.

Weave the paper. 

Here is how you weave. I've labeled each strip to make it easier to explain.

Slip strip 1 inside strip 6.

Then slip strip 1 over strip 7 (here strip 7 would be inside strip 1).

Then strip 1 inside strip 8.  Continue alternating unitl you've reached the end of the strip.

For strip 2, do the opposite of strip 1. Strip 2 will go over strip 6 and so on....

Repeat with the next strip opposite to the strip before that and so on...

Cut a long piece of paper for the basket handle.

Fold the paper in thirds for a sturdy handle.

Attach the handle to the basket.

Add some cute flowers to the basket.

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