Pink Felt Flower Tutorial ... Valentine's Day DIY

January 22, 2014

For a Valetine's Day decor, you can try making this cute pom pom plant using felt.  Then add a red heart for the finishing touch.



  • red felt
  • stem
  • green florist tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • string or cord
  • planter

To make the pom pom flower, I cut out a handful of skinny felt strands.


I aligned all the strands and tied a string in the center.


Then I fluffed the strands to make the pom pom.


I wrapped the stem with green floral tape and glued the stem to the pom pom.


To add a touch of Valentine, I cut out a small heart.


I glued the heart to the stem.


Then, I potted the pom pom plant.

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