Valentine's Gift - How to Make a Felt Eyeglasses Case

February 8, 2014

Instead of giving a box of chocolate for Valentine, you can give something a little more personal.  Here is an easy and heart-felt gift you can make - an eyeglasses case.



  • red felt
  • pink felt
  • velcro or something that snaps shut the cover
  • scissors
  • thread
  • needle
  • glue



Prepare a rectangular piece of felt that will fit a pair of glasses.


Fold in thirds.


If you want, draw a straight line on the sides to help you sew.


Sew both sides.


Sew on velcro or any material that helps to snap shut the cover.


Cut out 2 hearts and glue.

And you're done! 

It's a cute Valentine's gift that come from the heart!

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