DIY Dainty Blue Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace with Wire and Beads

February 14, 2014

This tutorial is to display you a creative way about making heart shaped pendant necklace. Click this tutorial to learn the details about DIY heart pendant with felt and wire.

Necessities for heart shaped pendant necklace:


  • Turquoise blue felt
  • 1.5mm silver aluminum wire
  • 0.5mm silver copper wire
  • 4mm blue wood beads
  • 4mm fuchsia wood beads
  • Tibetan style beads
  • Bead spacers
  • Lobster claw
  • Pearl sequins
  • Round nose plier
  • Flat nose plier
  • Wire cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors


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Step 1: Wire wrap heart shape

1st, cut a 25cm length of aluminum wire;
2nd, coil one end with round nose;
3rd, coil the other end and always keep the two ends symmetrical;
4th, fold the wire in half and shape it into heart pattern.

Step 2: Make heart shaped pendant

1st, outline the heart pattern on turquoise blue felt;
2nd, cut out the pattern;
3rd, hot glue the wire heart onto felt pattern and trim off excess edges;
4th, hot glue pearl sequins onto felt heart.

Step 3: Make bead link chain

1st, cut a long piece of copper wire and make a wire wrapped loop with short tail;
2nd, slide a blue bead, a bead spacer and another blue bead onto wire;
3rd, make a wire wrapped loop with long tail, so the first bead link is done;
4th, thread rest wire through one loop of the first link and make a new wire wrapped loop with short tail;
5th, repeat to make the second link;
6th, make 5 blue bead links and then add a Tibetan spacer link;
7th, make 3 fuchsia bead links and add a Tibetan style bead link;
8th, repeat to make another bead link chain.

Step 4: Finish heart pendant necklace

1st, punch two holes at the top of heart shaped pendant;
2nd, add jump rings onto pendants and attach necklace chains onto jump rings;
3rd, attach lobster claw and jump ring onto the chains.

Finally the heart shaped pendant necklace looks like this:

Tada! The wire heart pendant necklace is done. Blue and fuchsia creates an exotic color combination, which is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy this heart shaped pendant necklace idea.

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