Wire Wrap Statement Hoop Earrings with Golden Wire and Cat Eye Beads

March 1, 2014

Wire wrapped hoop earrings tutorial is to show you how to make statement hoop earrings with golden copper wire and cat eye beads step by step.

Necessities for wire wrapped statement hoop earrings:


  • 0.8mm golden copper wire
  • 0.5mm golden copper wire
  • 8mm blue cat eyes
  • White drop shaped cat eyes
  • 6mm white glass pearls
  • Golden head pins
  • Golden earring hooks
  • Round nose plier
  • Flat nose plier
  • Wire cutter


Permission to share granted by lc.pandahall.com

Step 1: Wire wrap hoop

1st, cut a 25cm length of 0.8mm wire and wrap it around a cylinder to shape a circle 4cm in diameter;
2nd, coil short tail around long tail to secure the circle;
3rd, cut off excess short tail;
4th, slide a white pearl onto long tail;
5th, make a wire wrapped loop with the long tail;
6th, cut off excess long tail and tuck sharp end.

Step 2: Make “arched ears”

1st, cut a 20cm length of 0.5mm wire and coil it around hoop 3-4 times;
2nd, wrap the first arched ear and coil wire around hoop twice;
3rd, wrap the middle ear;
4th, similarly wrap the final ear and coil around hoop at the other end;
5th, trim off excess copper wire;
6th, adjust the ears to the proper positions.

Step 3: attach dangles and ear hook

1st, slide white drop cat eye onto head pin and loop the pin with round nose;
2nd, hook the loop onto middle ear and finish the wire wrapped loop with flat nose;
3rd, cut off excess pin and tuck the sharp end;
4th, similarly attach two blue cat eyes onto first and final ears;
5th, add ear hook onto the whole dangle.

Finally the wire wrapped statement hoop earrings are like:

Great! This wire wrapped statement hoop earrings are done successfully. The blue and white cat eyes always remind of sea and waves and especially golden wire looks like warm sunshine; so I would like to name this pair “drifting on the calm sea”.

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